Easy Fan -Smart Fan - Blossom Lash - 0.05mm
Easy Fan -Smart Fan - Blossom Lash - 0.05mm
Easy Fan -Smart Fan - Blossom Lash - 0.05mm
Easy Fan -Smart Fan - Blossom Lash - 0.05mm

Easy Fan -Smart Fan - Blossom Lash - 0.05mm

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Our Blossom Collection , also called Smart Fan or Easy Fanning lashes , have been arranged in a very specific way on the sticky strip that when picked up with a tweezer, they immediately make a fan !

Blossom lashes are incredible for beginners to start volume lashing.

They are SO easy to make! It can greatly increase your applying speed.


 you can choose the size of fan you pick up each time.

And they look more black and volume than pre-made fans.

To use 

For narrow fans simply slide your tweezers into a small portion (about a millimeter) of lashes and pick them up off the sticky strip.

***Then place directly on the natural lash after dipping the base in glue.

***OR dipping the base inglue and then stock in a case after the base dry, you can use it directly whenever you lashing. .



  • Thickness Available :0.03mm , 0.05mm , 0.07mm

  • Classic Round Root

  • Tapered End with Natural Look

  • Extra Soft and Durable

  • Single Length Lash Tray

  • Curl Available: B C  C+  D  D+  J  L

  • Advanced hair styling technology. Lasting and Durable.

  • Lash Length: From 8mm to 16mm

  • Line: 12 lines




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  • Local pickup available

  • Custom Build Available

  • Private Label Available : Low minimum quantity requirement around 50 pcs. we wanna help local artist to start their business. You just do whatever quantity you comfortbale with.

  • Mixed Length Tray Available.

  • Special Order Usually take1 week for custom build

  • If your order contains special order products,  we may ship separately.

  • We have several different material for you to choose

  • We have many different color and shape boxes for your choice




What Products We Offer ?

We cooperate with many famous lash brands.  we have almost all products related to lash extension, not limited to those listed here


  • Collection 1  :   Classic Silky Mink

  • Collection 2  :   Cashmere Black Lash

  • Collection 3 :   Color Lash

  • Collection 4  :   Blossom / Smart Fan / Easy Fan

  • Collection 5  :   Ellipse/ Flat Lash

  • Collection 6  :   Camellia Mink

  • Collection 7  :   Pre-made Fans

  • Collection 8  :   Cluster Knot Free (Heat Bonded)

  • Collection 9  :   Cluster with Knot (Heat Bonded)