Pre-made Fans 5D

Get the reliable news about pre-mad-fans 5D before purchase

The firm Wholesalla produces and distributes prefabricated 5D fans all over the world. For your work, this product has developed into a potent resource. The soft and silky material achieved by using the precise number of fans drastically shortens the time required to apply a full pair of eyelashes.

We at wholesalla know how difficult it is to swiftly and effectively produce volume lashes by hand. Being a novice in the lash tech trade might be very challenging. Our pre-mad-fans 5d are heat bonded so that each volume fan is lightened in no way. Eliminate the trial-and-error process of volume lashing and quickly produce impressive sounding volume settings.

Benefits of using pre-made-fans 5D

  • To suit your eyelash extension demands for 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, or more, we provide superb pre-made eye lash extension fans that you can simply apply. Your labor time will be drastically reduced since all you have to do is use tweezers to remove the prefabricated fans and put them to the customer's eyelashes.
  • Premade lash fans won't come apart, and you won't have to worry about adhesive residue because the roots are heat bonded. It can help the eyelashes adhere to your natural lashes and draw attention to your grafting abilities.
  • Since they are made from imported PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), they are both lightweight and soft, so they won't pull on your eyelashes. The matte black texture is more like that of actual eyelashes; it creates an upscale environment and makes you look and feel fabulous.


  • The mechanic would appreciate your speed in obtaining the necessary extensions.
  • Gives the client's eyes a more natural appearance.
  • Four criteria must be met for ideal eyelash appearance: Lovely, Reliable, Long-Lasting, and Quick
  • We are an established business that produces high-quality pre-mad-fans 5D under your own brand name and with your own branding.


  • There are over a thousand fans in each box, making them durable and cost-effective.
  • Make sure your fan eyelashes are uniformly distributed at the top and fit snuggly on the legs.
  • Soft, silky, and smooth eyelashes provide a more natural appearance.
  • Super dark eyelashes are simple to apply and take little time.
  • Silk eyelash substance is safe and won't make your eyes red or itch.
  • Randomized pattern flattering to a variety of eye types