Pre-made Fans 7D

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Highlights of Pre-made-fans 7D volume fans

Wholesalla is known for the accuracy of its readymade 7d fans. Each fan's eyelash tips are evenly spaced, and the skinny, feathery legs follow suit. As a result, it will not leave any kind of stain or put any kind of strain on the customer's natural eyelashes.

Among the many lash extension materials available, Lash V's eyelash extension glue, high-quality Pre-made-fans 7D supplies, and extensive retail selection are among the finest in the world. The newest in Promade lash technology and our signature Short Stem Pro prefabricated lash fans are now available in our wholesale eyelash section.

This is a 3D to 14D experience. In order to boost your earnings, this tool will make lashing quicker and less labor intensive. So, thank you for choosing us as your premium eyelash extension provider. More than 18 thousand lash technicians use it regularly.

To be more specific, making a fan is the most "arduous" operation for every worker. Fortunately, with 7D fan eyelashes, these challenges become soon manageable. In addition, this is something that skilled craftspeople insist on employing all the time.

Wholesalla's ready-to-wear fan eyelashes are 7D and are manufactured with painstaking perfection. Since safety is our first priority, we only buy raw materials from Korea. So, our professional brothers and sisters may buy this with full confidence.

Three threads are clustered together at their roots to form a Pre-made-fans 7D preset volume fan. Moreover, the flare section produces a stunningly attractive and organic look. Wholesalla provides this item with the amazing specifications.

How to properly store?

  • Put out of CHILDREN's reach.
  • Stay away from the flames, and make sure your fan isn't baking in the hot sun.
  • put away in a dry, cold location for storage.

7D enthusiasts have more eyelashes than a single piece of 6D fan art. Customers who want to draw attention to their eyes purchase both kinds. Additionally, the product successfully counteracts the negative effects of having sparse eyelashes and downcast eyes.

Each each eyelash fan weighs only a fraction of a milligram. That's why it's so easy to set off explosions when we take more than we need and can use up. The picking, using, and picking from that point on are really difficult.