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Quick Look at Our Collections

What lash collections do you offer? How do I choose the lash collections ?

We have below lash collections, but not all of them in stock in Georgia USA warehouse right now for retail online :

  1. Cashmere Extra Matte Dark Black Lashes (Matte) Best Quality Ever 
  2. Cashmere Regular (Medium Matte)Faux Mink Lashes , discontinue, on final sale
  3. Premium Matte Black Lashes or call Premium Velvet
  4. Sable (Shiny) Lashes , discontinued because shiny finish is not popular, it was popular like 5 years ago
  5. Silk Gloss Faux Mink (Shiny) ,discontinued
  6. Blossom / Self-fanning Lashes
  7. Color lashes
  8. Flat lashes (Shiny and Matte)
  9. Pre-made Fans (3D to 14D) Pointy Slim Base are available , short stem is discontinued
  10. Spikes  ( 8mm to 24mm)
  11. Strip lashes
  12. Segment lashes


Best quality lashes should meet below standards:

  1. Each line of eyelashes is arranged neatly and densely, rather than sparsely arranged and showing the adhesive strip.
  2. Each row of eyelashes has the same curl and length. When you look at it from the side of the tray, the 16 lines of lashes should be very neat and parallel, and the height of each row should be even.
  3. Eyelashes are handmade products. Just like a hair perm, each line of lash is rolled by hand and curled and then heated to set shape. Consistency of curls in each batch is important.
  4. Use the best raw materials. High-end raw materials have higher purity, lasting curl and no deformation. The thickness of each lash is more uniform and not mixed with other thicknesses.
  5. Easy to be pulled off from the adhesive strip and loose base. ***Free replacements are available for faulty trays. Faulty may happen occasionally due to different batch of adhesive strip, but our workmanship is always the best regardless of the adhesive strip**Please contact us if faulty adhesive strip.
  6. Whats the difference between Loose Base and Sticky Base? Loose Base is good for Dip-Glue-to-Fan, Sticky Base only good for Pinch-to-Fan.


We have the highest quality lash glues which
made in Taiwan, and meet Europe standard which is highest standard than
other countries. If you want to buy the highest quality glue , please
make sure to ask your supplier if the glue has the Europe Test Report.

  1. Superhero  (for low to medium humidity) 0.5-1 sec fast dry glue
  2. Superpower (for normal humidity)0.5-1 sec fast dry glue
  3. Superpower Invisible 0.5-1 sec fast dry glue
  4. SuperGentle  Glue 1 sec 
  5. Pink glue   0.5-1 sec fast dry glue
  6. Beginner glue 2sec 


We have high quality lash care products. Old formulas are discontinued.
Currently most new products are in production. All are custom
developed formulas, unique and high quality,  ingredients sourced
international. We will publicize all the formulas and details when they
in stock.

  1. Amino Acid Bubble Shampoo
  2. Bond /Glue Booster
  3. Primer / Cleanser
  4. Glue Aid
  5. Lash Fluffy and Nourishing Clean Spray
  6. Lash growth serum
  7. Hair growth serum
  8. many different formula facial serums


Our goal is to build the world's top eyelash and care brand, with a
professional R&D team and cutting-edge technology in the industry.
The highest quality of products is our first pursuit.

We have R&D and production capabilities. If you have products you want to develop, you are very welcome to share your ideas with us.