UV Gel Polish

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The basic formula of UV Gel Polish that manufacturers make

You can keep your nails looking great for up to three weeks using hybrid paint. Its composition and the need to harden under an LED or UV light are the primary ways in which it differs from traditional nail polish. The application of a hybrid manicure is quite similar to that of a classic manicure, with the exception that we use a specialized hybrid polish rather than regular lacquer.

Polish the nail plate with a buffer block and shape it so that the skin overlaps the nail bed only little.

Apply the base, two coats of the desired UV Gel Polish color, and the top coat. Put each layer through the light to dry. When curing with an LED or UV lamp, don't forget to also cure the base and the top. The length of time that UV Gel Polish takes to cure is determined mostly by two factors: the intensity of the UV or LED light used and the UV Gel Polish's pigmentation level.

Our nails are quickly dry and polished, unless you opt for a matte finish, thanks to the UV or LED lights used in a hybrid manicure, and the UV Gel Polish is entirely cured in them.

Correctly prepping the nail plate is the cornerstone of successfully applying a hybrid polish. The nail plate must be prepared by shaping the nail, carefully removing any skins (particularly any that "overlap" the nail plate), and matting the nail plate with a polishing block before the appropriate polish can be applied and hardened with a lamp. The next step is to apply the base coat, two coats of your selected UV Gel Polish color, and the top coat, and then to cure each coat under a UV light. The length of time a polish takes to harden is determined mostly by its pigmentation and the intensity of the lamp (UV or LED). The length of time required for the polish to harden increases with its darkness.

With a hybrid manicure, you can be certain that your nails will look great for weeks to come without chipping or smudging, and the paint will harden entirely under a UV or LED light, so your nails will be dry and lustrous (unless you opt for a matte nail effect) almost instantly.