Frequently Asked Questions About Private Label Order

Whats the lash extension private label price?

Private label price depends on Collections , quantity , rows, box ,label design.
Please email us all the information first to inquiry private label price.

Lash Private Label Price consists of three parts: the lashes ,Paper label printing fee and international shipping fee

  1. The lashes will be much better price than the price listed on our website .
  2. We print paper labels minimum around 3000 pieces at a time, price around $130. If your first order was 200 trays lashes, we will save the rest 2800 pieces paper labels for your subsequence orders, so you don't need to pay printing fee again.
  3. International Air Shipping around one week , the fee depends on quantity and weight, roughly around $0.5 to $0.7 per tray . International Sea Shipping around 45 days, for minimum 2500 trays ,fee around $0.25 per tray.

Do I have to call you guys or visit you guys to put a private label order ?

No. It's not necessary at all. Now that e-commerce is developed, all bulk orders are made by mail and paid online or Paypal or bank wire.
You can order samples from our website first, if you like our quality, you can send us an email to place bulk order.

Whats the payment term?

100% payment is required before production.

Whats the minimum to order lash extension private label with my logo?

Lash private label order minimum 200 trays .

Whats the minimum to get bulk wholesale price?

We offer Bulk Wholesale Price for minimum 200 trays.
For less than 200 trays , please place order online directly.
For more than 200 trays ,please email us the list of lashes you need , then we can send you price and invoice.

Whats the quality of your lashes ranked ?

Our lash quality is stable and curl last long , our lashes quality is the best of best .
We are the supplier for many famous BIG lash brands . We offer free samples, don't hesitate to contact us.

Whats the process of lash extension private label order?

  1. Email us your needs  (estimated quantity or full list of lashes ,thickness/curl/length/quantity, collection , logo, paper label color or background pictures,  text content like website or instagram name that you want to put on the label, lash box color ...if any other brands' labels you like you can send us screenshots for reference)
  2. When we gather all information, we will draft an invoice with the detailed products list and mock-up pictures for you to review
  3. You can confirm or modify the design, sizes and quantities. We revise the invoice per your request.
  4. Confirm the final invoice and pay. We accept Paypal , Zelle, Cards, Bank Wire.
  5. We produce products according to the invoice and ship to you, we will email you tracking number. Any quality issue has to be informed us in one month.

Whats the lead time for lash private label or bulk order ?

Lash private label order with your logo , usually around one month. International shipping about one week.
From the second order ,lead time is about 3 weeks.

For lash bulk order , can I change the curl ? For example, your D curl is not curly enough , Can you make a DD but labeled it as D  ?

Yes , we can do it . It's very normal to change the curls,  different brand has different curl preference. Western and eastern customers have very different curl preferences.

You can select from our original curls , then we can change the curl label per your request.

Some clients even change thickness too , like use 0.02 sticker instead of real 0.03,   use 0.03 sticker instead of real 0.04.

But all of our YL lashes selling online are use the correct original thickness and size stickers .

We offer up to seven different curl of each length , from B to UU curl , but you don't need order seven different curls , you can select and make your own curl system. 

For example, you can choose from our curl :


The lashes are hand rolled, curled on a metal tube, the smaller the diameter of the tube is, the more curled the eyelashes will be. You can imagine that choose a curling iron when you do hair perm, different size make different hair waves.

The best way is that you order from our original curl system, and then  label it in different curl . We can also ship you stickers free, so you can change stickers anytime.

Here is an example:

lash manufacturer private label price


Our original curls system are the most popular and most lash brands use.

If you just start your own brand , we highly suggest that you use our same curls.



Why over 500 trays the unit price is cheaper than 200 trays ? if I order 200 trays , can you give me the same unit price for 500 trays?

Different quantity different price , more quantity better price.

Our lashes are 100% handmade, different diameter/length are made on different assembly line, and the boxes will be passed between those lines.

So the more the quantity, the higher the production efficiency, the lower the price.

Regardless of the quantity of the order, it takes almost same time for us to make forms, pictures, schedule production,  prepare materials, print labels and transportation, etc. If the order is less quantity, but our process can not be less.



Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.

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