Lash extension Custom Order/ Lash Private Label Order --- Payment Link

Lash extension Custom Order/ Lash Private Label Order --- Payment Link

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How can I order lash private label with my logo ?

How this link work ?

When you confirm the invoice amount through email, you can use this link to proceed to pay .

For example , if your invoice amount is $870.16 

you choose the quantity 87016 on this page , then add to cart and proceed to pay.


What's the process to order private label Lashes with my logo?

Please make sure you have tried our samples and like our products before you place a private label order.


We offer private labels with your logo for minimum 200 trays. 

The process of private label order  :
1. Email me your needs (list of lash you need ,  pictures of your label, logo or background , slogan or website and/or any other content that you like to put on the label,  what lash box color ,ect. )If any other brand's label designs that you like, please send screenshots to me too.  If you want a no-logo label , it is ok too, just send me what color you need.
2. When we gather all the information , we will draft an invoice with the detailed products list ,price and mockup pictures, then email to you for you to review.
3. You can confirm the order invoice , or ask us to modify the label design, sizes ,quantities . We revise the order invoice per your request.
4. Confirm the final invoice and pay.  We accept Paypal, Zelle, Bank Wire, Western Union.
5. We produce products according to all the details in the invoice and ship products to you,   lead time is around one month, if quarantine or holidays ,the time will be longer.
6. We will send you tracking number of the packages

Please make sure  check below link to see more information of private label order,

Private label price consists of three parts:  label printing fee, the lashes, international shipping fee. 

Label printing fee from $130 , for around 3000 pieces labels . For example,if your first order 200 trays lashes , then you will have 2800 pieces labels left, we will save the rest labels for your subsequent orders, so you don't need to pay again unless you want to print new design labels.

The product's price depends on collection and quantity. Minimum 200 trays , More quantity, better price. 

We have many different collections of lashes, like Cashmere Matte, Regular Lashes,  Color Lash, Flat etc...  

Plastic box is free. Cardboard boxes require an extra fee and minimum 1000 pieces of box .

We offer lengths from 5mm to 30mm , curls B  C  CC  D  DD  U  UU

Please send me the list of lashes you need , logo and requirements of label design.
Then I can draft a detailed invoice and mockup pictures  for you to review . 

Each size minimum 5 trays ,mixed length tray minimum 10 trays . 
The quantity must be an integral multiple number of 5,  such as 5 trays, 10 trays , 15  trays ... An example of  list  :

Cashmere Matte 16 rows :  
0.03  CC  12mm  5 trays
0.03  CC  13mm  10 trays  
0.03  CC  14mm  15 trays  
0.03  CC   Mix 9-15mm  15 trays
0.03   D   15mm  25 trays  
0.03   D   16mm  5 trays
0.03   D   Mix 9-15mm  10 trays
0.05   CC   12mm  5 trays  
0.05   CC   13mm  10 trays 
0.05   CC   Mix 8-15mm  10 trays 
0.05    D   13mm  10 trays 
0.05    D   14mm  15 trays    
0.07    C   9mm   5 trays
0.07    D   Mix 10-15mm  10 trays      
0.07    D   Mix 12-17mm  20 trays        

Lash box colors you can select from :  

lash box colors


lash box colors

lash box color