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Faux Mink/Silk Mink/ Sable lashes, the most popular individual extension lashes manufacturer and wholesaler supplier in USA.

Some features of silky-mink-sable-lash that make it different from other lashes.

Synthetic or silk lashes are a bit heavier than other lashes, in fact these are best if you like a thicker look that gives a fuller look to your eyes, which are often considered to be about 0.20 mm in thickness. Mink or faux mink is usually thinner and softer than silky-mink-sable-lash with 0.15mm-0.2mm thickness, but can be coarser as well. The thinnest and softest is rated at 0.10mm-0.15mm.In fact, for silk synthetic lashes, the word "silk" has been used to refer to the particular way it is made, as well as to give the user the soft feel of silk when used. Made by mixing some special ingredients with silk, which makes these lashes silky and shiny.silky-mink-sable-lash No chemical ingredients are used, they are obtained from the tail of the mink. Mink lashes may look thick, but they are actually a light, feathery, fluttering, natural look. That's why it is said that it is the most comfortable for the eyes.

Where can we get the best silky-mink-sable-lash?

Every effort is made to display the colours and images of the products available on the online site as accurately as possible but sometimes it may look slightly different due to the technology of computer monitors.In the same way, you can get a little change on our website too, apart from this, we have some special products available on which very good discounts are also being given, you can take advantage of this discount only for a limited time.

1. Silky Mink Eyelash Extension 0.03mm /B/C/CC/D/DD CURL
Rate was $12.99 Now After Discount $5.99. This is a specially handcrafted lash, silky-mink-sable-lash specially designed for the consumer looking for a natural look.

2. Silky Mink Eyelash Extension 0.05mm Rate was $12.99 Now After Discount $5.99.Where both rate and discount are same but it depends on the consumer which one is better lash for them.

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