Pre-made Fans 9D

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Premade Fans WISPY 9D chaotic or fixed on adhesive tape

The WISPY 9D (9 thread) fan, previously only available as a custom order, is now available as a ready-made product. Its huge center pillar is more than 2 mm in length. If a customer requests it, Wholesalla can apply a set of eyelash extensions in a 5D, 7D, or 9D thickness. These lashes are a piece of beauty; the proprietary fast release adhesive allows for easy removal without tearing or snagging any of your natural lashes. The ideal tool for lash artists who wish to multitask and provide a broad variety of services. The synthetic mink fur used in these extensions is soft and comfortable.

Technical details about 9d prefabricated fans

  • Pre-made-fans-9d, 12 lines per tray, is the spec.
  • High-quality PBT silk is used to make these feathery, feather-light, and hypoallergenic volume eyelash extensions. Ready-made ventilation systems are convenient.
  • Use the tweezers to trim the base of the prefabricated fans, but avoid the centre and the top. The crowd will start to thin out as a result.
  • If you want a thick, fluffy eyelash appearance, premade volume eyelash extensions are your best bet. The perfect tool for the seasoned Lash Artist.

Time to obtain the Kim K look with the latest generation of Premade fans, Lash V Promade 20 lines XXL TRAY WISPY, if you're seeking for consistent quality lashes at amazing value pricing. The latest innovation in Premade lash fans, our ultimate Promade fan has a bigger fan (similar to the Short Stem Pro fan) for gorgeous lash coverage and ultra-thin bases for effortless client application. That being said, get ready to lash out more customers in less time.

The top of the Pre-made-fans-9d is uniformly stretched out, and nine of the lashes share the same leg. If the customer's natural eyelashes are too few, this is a great option. In addition to its already impressive cosmetic benefits, this product also features the widely used and well-liked curvature C and D, making it an excellent choice for Asian eyes. In the case of eyelash extensions, the fan can save the technician time and effort by eliminating the need to constantly produce new fans. Instead, you'll shorten the process without sacrificing efficiency, making your appearance lovelier in record time.