Pre-made Fans 20D

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Wholesalla’s pre-made-fans 20D is easy to apply with glue

Heat, not adhesive, is used to secure the blades of the 20D Russian pre-made volume fans sold at The Wholesalla.

Putting on false eyelashes takes twice as long without 20D Russian Pre-Made Volume Fans. You may fool people into thinking you applied 20 lashes when you actually just applied one.

They're manufactured from high-quality PBT synthetic materials, have a beautiful semi-gloss surface, and weigh next to nothing.

Those with thick, strong lashes should use this product. This product is not recommended for those with short, weak lashes or for customers over the age of 60.

Your customers will become ADDICTED to our pre-made-fans 20D Mega Volume Fans because they are so incredibly soft and easy to operate.

You can take them off the strip with any tweezer (even a straight one) and they'll give you full, fluffy mega volume lashes WITHOUT harm and without having to practice and polish your own Mega Volume fans beforehand.

The ideal method for applying them is to "spear" the natural lash through the fan, then position it at the root of the lash and hover for a few seconds to ensure the fan dries perfectly. If you don't want to hurt your customer, your seclusion must be flawless.

Excellent if you've done a lot of volume training and need a quick replacement for the Client Menu or just can't wait. Case in point: With mega, you can charge $220 for a set, $140 for infills, and upsell shampoo to ensure the customer takes care of their beautiful new lashes.

Detailed Description of 20D Ready-Made Cooling Fans:

  • Knot-free and minimum glue point fans, 96 to a tray.
  • C & D-Curl, in lengths of 6-15mm, and 8-14mm mixed trays
  • many layers - the volume method for the uninitiated
  • high-end salon-grade, peel-off adhesive strips.

Premade fans have already been fanning out, with a set number of lashes (in this case, pre-made-fans 20D per fan = 5D). This is a time-saving method, and it allows you to provide the volume approach to clients even if you have not had formal volume training. You'll be saving a lot of time, and as any lash artist knows, that's money in the bank.