What is special about Cashmere Matte Dark Black Lash 0.15mm?

Eyelash extensions known as "flat lashes" have a flat, rhomboid base. These lashes, which differ from traditional lashes in a number of positive ways, are also known as cashmere flat or ellipse lashes (an ellipse is an oval).

Due to their broader bonding surface, flat lashes provide better retention. They’re also lighter, inflicting less damage to the natural lashes. Flat lashes are designed to be worn in combination with other types to improve texture and volume.

What distinguishes cashmere eyelashes from regular eyelashes? Elaborate it here.

Cashmere lashes are, as their name implies, flat and oval-shaped at the base, as opposed to regular lashes, which are rounded. A flat foundation creates a broader, wider surface area, which helps the extensions adhere to the natural lashes more successfully. Longer-lasting Cashmere Matte Dark Black Lash 0.15mm result from improved bonding.

Another distinction between cashmere flat and normal lashes is the weight. Flat lashes are lighter, delivering the width of a 0.15mm lash extension without adding more weight. Flat lashes with a 0.15mm thickness will feel similar to lashes with a 0.07mm thickness. Darker, thicker lash appearances can be created but won’t feel uncomfortable or damage the natural lashes.

Which are the advantages of cashmere lashes stand out the most? Explain it here.

  • Better adherence to the natural lashes for extended wear
  • Create texture and volume without adding additional weight.
  • enable you to create darker, more dramatic lash looks
  • Even on short or thin lashes, it is lightweight and pleasant.
  • For application, just a little glue is required.

Cashmere flat lashes need to be applied using a specific method using very little glue. Flat Cashmere Matte Dark Black Lash 0.15mm should be applied to the top or bottom of natural lashes rather than the sides, as some conventional lashes can be, due to their distinctive base form. Flat lashes are meant to provide volume to other lash sets rather than be worn alone as a whole set. This is due to the high-gloss appearance of flat lashes; when too many flat lashes are worn simultaneously, a faux "plastic" impression results.