Pre-made Fans 12D

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Get the perfect pre-made-fans 12d from Wholesalla

Faster application and a higher quality finish are possible thanks to the 12D Pre Made Mega Volume Fans, allowing you to take on more customers.

  • The heat-bonding process used to create the pre-made-fans 12d Volume Fans makes it possible to apply the lashes to the natural lash with a single coat of glue.
  • The lash thickness for all of our fans is 0.03.
  • Sizes range from 7mm to 15mm in single-packs.
  • Varying in size from 8mm to 15mm.
  • Totally made up of fake stuff.
  • Premade volume lash fans, 12lines per tray, is the spec.
  • High-quality PBT silk is used to create volume eyelash extensions that are hypoallergenic, silky, and lightweight. It's more efficient to use prefabricated fans.
  • Knowledge: snip the area close to the root of the prefabricated fans using the tweezers, but avoid the centre and the top. The audience will leave as a result.
  • Eyelash extensions that have already been manufactured in a thick, full volume are ideal for this purpose. Useful for Lash Artists and Salons.

If you're a lash technician trying to speed up the process of applying a bespoke volume set, look no further than our heat-bonded pre-made volume fans. They are fantastic for lash technicians learning Russian Volume or Mega Volume for the first time.

Wholesalla knows how difficult it may be to swiftly and effectively produce volume lashes by hand, so we made a product to help. As a new lash tech, you may find it extremely challenging. Our heat-bonded prefabricated volume fans eliminate the need for additional weight in every fan. The time it takes to construct volume sets may now be reduced to a science, instead of an exercise in trial and error.

Keep in mind* These pre-made-fans 12d  will retain their shape just like traditional lashes and may be applied in the same way. Wrap-around volume rendering is not an option for them.

If you're looking for the greatest eyelash extension glue, the highest quality lash supplies, and a large selection of retail products, go no further than Wholesalla. To sum up, we provide cutting-edge, cutting-edge Promade lash technology and Short Stem Pro prefabricated lash fans for wholesale eyelash applications.

Is obtainable in dimensions ranging from 3D to 14D. Facilitating quicker and easier lashing in order to boost your earnings. You've arrived at the premier source for eyelash extensions. Every day, more than 18,000 lash artists throughout the world put their faith in us.