Short Stem Fans

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Be careful before purchasing short steam Fans and long steam fans

You want to use pre-made lashes, but you can't decide between long stem lashes and short stem lashes for the application. Is there a particular look you're considering? To put your mind at ease, Wholesalla has gathered all the data required to give you with the best and most appropriate lash style. To learn more about the differences between long- and short-stemmed lashes, please read on!

Without harming the natural lashes, Wholesalla's 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, and 8D readymade volume eyelash fans will provide your clients bigger, silkier, and more glamorous, yet natural-looking lash sets, in either hybrid or volume.

Short steam Fans VS Long Steam Fans: The Difference

When comparing long stem lashes to short stem lashes, you might be more familiar with the former. The longer stemmed lashes are more popular in short steam Fans extensions because they are more user-friendly. The lengthy stem lashes are shorter at the root and longer at the fan.

The base of the lash will often be shorter on short stem fans or short stem lashes. If not, the fan's tip will be stretched out and widened. If you're wondering what the "fan base" is, think of it as the base of your natural lashes; that's where you'll place the glue or whatever other method you use to insert the fake ones into your eyes, whether it's heat bonding or something else.

Which is better?

If you want a more dramatic appearance, then long-stem lashes are the way to go. The long-stem fan is favored for full and voluminous styles because of its beautiful immediate eyeliner effect. These are the most popular pre-made fans on the market, and for good reason: applying them takes half as long as applying handmade lashes. These instant volume lashes are sure to be a hit with you or your customer.

The final impact of the short steam Fans are significantly richer and grander than that of the long-stem kind. You may also get short stem lashes in various lengths and styles to complement your chosen cosmetics. The volume 4D, 5D, or 6D lash is perfect if you're going for a full and fluffy appearance.