Long Stem Fans

Untold truth & Reasons why most of people prefer long steam fans online

Long steam fans are the way to go. Both customers and makeup artists praise the dramatic improvement in eye appeal that prefabricated volume lashes provide.

The lengthy stems of our Instant VolumeTM Long Stem Premade Fans offer the illusion of thick, dark eyeliner. If you've never used prefabricated lashes before, these are the ones you get because they're the most like the traditional method of application.

3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and 8D Long Stem Premade Fans, as well as single length 8mm to 15mm and mixed length trays, are all available from our online store. The diameters of 0.07 and 0.10mm are available, as are the curl types C and D. These options should allow you to meet the needs of the vast majority of your clientele.

Please be aware that the XL-sized trays of our long steam fans Volume Fans carry 2.6 times as many fans as the trays of competing brands. The costs very similar to competing brands, making it accessible to lash artists of all budgets.

The 0.10mm diameter is ideal for customers whose natural lashes are already rather thick, as it allows for greater definition and a more striking thickness.

Benefits of Long steam fans

Long steam fans, honey, provide a ton of perks. Lash artists can save time by not having to stop to make fans by hand, as the lashes arrive pre-applied. As the saying goes, "time is money" when it comes to lashing.

Moreover, long steam fans are more convenient to use than homemade fans. Despite their lightweight construction, the bases are ergonomically built for easy handling.

Eyelash extension fans also make it possible for lash professionals to offer extended long steam fans sets without first acquiring the necessary technical training.

The truth why people loves Long steam fans

The use of long steam fans is a fantastic option for lash artists who want to improve their craft and expand their company. For all their advantages, it's hard to imagine anyone not wanting to use these ready-made solutions. It really just depends on one's own tastes. There are lash artists out there that take great pleasure in their handmade lash fans and do everything from start to finish with their own two hands.

The long steam fans are highly suggested. They could be the missing piece to the puzzle for your lash company. As a company, wholesalla is driven by a desire to empower women to define and embrace their own standards of beauty.