Premium Cashmere FauxMink Eyelash Extensions -black box , curlier

This batch use black box and made in end 2023, new batches all in white box .

Black box batch lashes are a little bit curlier than white box batches. Materials are same. All black box batch lashes are on Clearance Sale , best deal !! limited quantity.


Premium Cashmere FauxMink Individual Lash Extension 

  • Premium Cashmere Collection is higher level quality of Cashmere FauxMink Lashes, implements the highest productions standard, curls and length of each lines are accurate and uniform, handicraft is better than other brands' Cashmere material lashes. 
  • Eyelash products are handmade products, and quality is not only about raw materials, but also about craftsmanship.
  • Its the most popular lashes with affordable price, matte and dark black, lasting curl.
  • Most brands are using this collection, It is by far the most sold raw material. The lash finish is super similar to Cashmere PRO, but with a much better price. Almost all big brands are currently using this collection, or switching from the PRO Collection to this collection because of its lower price and similar quality.
  • Retail price around $9 to $15 in the market, but we are wholesale price directly.