W Lashes

W Lashes

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Cashmere Black Individual lash Extension Tray YL Lash Manufacturer 

 0.05mm,  B/ C/ CC/ D/ DD /U  / W / LD CURL in stock

  • Thickness / Diameter : 0.05 mm

  • 12 Rows

  • Classic Round Root

  • Tapered End with Natural Look

Lash extension tray tapered end

  • Extra Soft and Durable

  • Single Length Lash Tray

  • Curl Available: B,  C,  C+,   D,  D+, U,   J,   LD,  W

  • Advanced hair styling technology. Lasting and Durable.

  • Lash Length: From 5mm to 25mm

  • Line: 12 lines



YL Lash Manufacturer Wholesaler

Branch office and warehouse located in Florida USA

  • Spcial Order Usually take 1 week for custom build

  • If your order contain special order products, then we may ship separately.

  • Custom Build Available. 

  • Mixed Length Tray Available

  • Private Label Available



About the Sticky Strip and Back Paper

  • We have several different material for you to choose



About the Boxes

  • We have many different color and shape boxes for you to choose




What Products We Offer ?

We are 15-years manufacturer. We cooperate with many famous lash brands.  we have almost all products related to lash extension, not limited to those listed here


  • Collection 1  :   Classic Mink

  • Collection 2  :   Cashmere Black Lash

  • Collection 3 :  Mermaid Color Lash

  • Collection 4  :   Blossom / Smart Fan / Easy Fan

  • Collection 5  :   Ellipse / Flat Lash

  • Collection 6  :   Camellia Mink

  • Collection 7  :   Pre-made Fans

  • Collection 8  :   Cluster Knot Free (Heat Bonded)

  • Collection 9  :   Cluster with Knot (Heat Bonded)




     Lash Adhesive:

    • Collection 1  :   SUPERSPEED  0.5 Second Dry Glue  (7 to 8 Weeks /Very Thin /Some Fume /Soft / Black Color/ not for sensitive skin

    • Collection 2  :   SUPERHERO 1 Second Fast Dry Glue  (Black Color and Clear Color ) 7 to 8 Weeks /Thin /Less Fume/ Soft

    • Collection 3  :  SUPERPOWER 1.5 Second Dry Extra Strong Glue  (Black Color and Clear Color ) 7 to 8 Weeks /No Fume/ Soft

    • Collection 4  :  SENSITIVE 2 Second Dry Glue (Black Color and Clear Color ) 3 to 4 Weeks /No Fume/ Soft




    Lash Cleanser: 

    High End Amino Acid Formula

     If you have any questions , please feel free to contact us.

      All Our Products Private Label Available

    Some information about different types of lashes and their uses

    Whether it is a big wedding party, an engagement function or a birthday party, it is necessary for women to look good in every function.Every woman presents her good knowledge in today's fashion world by using different types of cosmetics.In order to enhance their beauty as much as possible, women choose many types of natural and artificial products.To enhance the beauty of the face, the most important thing is to make the eyes look beautiful.every woman in the world knows that to look beautiful, they have to keep their eye makeup the best.Keeping these feelings in mind, a variety of products have been created for eye makeup.

    Why is w-curl-lash/products/w-cashmere-mink good for your eyes?

    Despite having many types of eyelashes, w-curl-lash/products/w-cashmere-mink has some peculiarities which can be said to be a kind of boon for every woman.Women who adorn their eyes with eyelashes know how they work to enhance their beauty in detail.Its texture and high quality provide beauty as well as comfort to your eyes.w-curl-lash/products/w-cashmere-mink Lashes cost $8.00, but you'll find it's too low for your beauty .

    Thickness / Diameter : 0.05 mm of this product, found in 12 Rows .

    Along with the classic round route, it has its own Considered good enough for a natural look with tapered ends.it has many other features like Extra Soft and Durable Single Length  Lash Tray, it has many types of Curl Available ,You can choose any of the following :

     B, C, C+, D, D+, U, J, LD, W along with its advanced hair styling technology. Also famous for Lasting and Durability.We also have a variety of lash length, you will get 5mm to 25mm.

    Some highlights of w-curl-lash/products/w-cashmere-mink.

    w-curl-lash/products/w-cashmere-mink If you are thinking of getting the product from our website then this can be considered as your right decision as we have worked on this product for more than 15 years . This website with utmost care for the likes and dislikes of the consumer will not let you down.

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