Hyaluronic Acid with Pure Rose Water/Hydrosol Spray - Anti-allergy / Calming
Hyaluronic Acid with Pure Rose Water/Hydrosol Spray - Anti-allergy / Calming
Hyaluronic Acid with Pure Rose Water/Hydrosol Spray - Anti-allergy / Calming

Hyaluronic Acid with Pure Rose Water/Hydrosol Spray - Anti-allergy / Calming

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According to the flower species, there are usually:

Damascus Rose
Double rose (PINGYIN rose)
Grass Rose

According to the extraction method and technology, rose water can be classified into:

1. freeze-dried sublimation fresh Rose flower cell liquid
2. low-temperature condensation fresh Rose flower cell liquid

3. high-temperature steam distillation fresh Rose flower pure dew

High-temperature steam distillation pure dew is to heat water, let the water vapor pass through the rose flowers and take away the soluble substances in the flowers, and then let the nutrient-rich water vapor cool down and condense into water-like liquid. 

During the distillation process, some manufacturers will separate the rose essential oil, and the remaining watery part will be used as rose water.

In the distillation process, the rose essential oil is not separated, but all condensed into a water-like product, which we call rose hydrosol.

Hydrolate Herbal/flower distillates are aqueous products of distillation. They are colloidal suspensions (hydrosol) of essential oils as well as water soluble components obtained by steam distillation or hydro distillation from plants/herbs/flowers.

These distillates have uses as flavorings, medicine and in skin care. the distillates go by many other names including floral water, hydrosol, hydrolate, herbal water and essential water.

Rose Hydrosol is a pure rose flower extract, not mixed with flavors, moisturizers etc. It is a real natural product, so it is especially mild and safe.

What's the difference between Rose Hydrosol and Rose Water ?

Rose Hydrosol contains a large amount of volatile aromatic components of rose flowers. These aromatic components are divided into two parts. The part that is insoluble in water is rose essential oil, and the part that dissolves in water is Rose Water.

Rose Hydrosol also contains macromolecular aromatic ingredients, and the ingredients are particularly complex. distillates will contain essential oil compounds as well as organic acids and other water soluble plant components. Rose hydrosol contain diluted essential oils, besides aromatic chemicals, these distillates also contain many more of the plant acids than pure essential oils making them skin friendly.

There are about 300 kinds, mainly alcohols, aldehydes, acids, esters, ethers, etc. These ingredients play their own unique roles. Therefore, Rose Hydrosol has a comprehensive skin balance effect, for normal skin, can enhance skin luster, for oily skin, can balance oil secretion, for dry skin, can quickly replenish moisture, for sensitive skin, can eliminate red blood streaks, reduce sensitivity,  enhance the vitality of the skin. Almost all skin types can use Rose Hydrosol, it show extraordinary beauty effects.

The effect of Rose Hydrosol comes from that it can directly penetrate into the cells, which is not possible with ordinary water-soluble skincare products. Therefore, her moisturizing effect is not to stay on the surface of the skin, but to quickly replenish the moisture of the cells and increase The water content of the water in the cells fundamentally solves the problem of dry skin, which is why Rose Hydrosol can achieve a good moisturizing effect without add other moisturizers.


hydrosols are produced at high temperatures and are somewhat acidic, they tend to inhibit bacterial growth but not fungal growth. They are not sterile. They are a fresh product, like milk, and should be kept refrigerated. Small-scale producers of hydrosols must be particularly aware of, and take steps to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination.  we have to choose manufacturers with higher-quality production equipment and sterile environments.

A pH between 5-6 makes them suitable for use as facial toners. They can be used alone as room sprays. Distillates are also used as flavorings and curables.



How to distinguish the quality of Rose Hydrosol?

 The first is the ratio of distillation, that is, how much rose hydrosol is produced by the weight of the rose flower, such as 1:1 distillation, that is, 100 pounds of rose flowers distill 100 pounds of rose hydrosol. This is the first 1:1 distillation.
Some manufacturers use 100 pounds of roses to distill 200 pounds of rose hydrosol, there is too much water vapor used, the concentration and quality of the rose hydrosol decrease.

But most brands and sellers will not tell you the distillation ratio of the raw material, just tell you that the product is called rose hydrosol or rose water.

After the first distillation, most of the effective substances and essential oils of the roses have been taken away into the hydrosol, and the remaining roses still have a small amount of effective substances remaining. Some manufacturers will conduct a second distillation and use the distilled water as roses water.
Therefore, the quality and price of rose water obtained by first distillation, second distillation or multiple distillation are very different.

Second, the rose hydrosol and rose water INCI name use in skincare product ingredients list , both are rose water, so when you see the name Rose Water in a skincare product ingredients list, you can not know what kind of rose water it use.

There are four different ROSE WATER.

1. freeze-dried sublimation Rose flower cell liquid

Freeze-drying technology principle: using ultra-low temperature vacuum quick-freezing dehydration technology, using the solid-state sublimation principle in a vacuum state, the temperature is instantly reduced to -41°C, without evaporation of water, it is directly sublimated into water vapor in the form of ice, thereby completing the dehydration process of rose flowers

2. low-temperature condensation Rose flower cell liquid

Using low-temperature dehumidification heat pump technology, 6-stage automatic control drying system is set up in the whole process, and the temperature in the whole process is lower than 55℃ to avoid the loss of temperature-sensitive nutrients.

3. high-temperature steam distillation Rose Hydrosol

4. high-temperature steam distillation Rose Water

The fourth, rose water is that the rose oil been taken away from rose hydrosol, the remain water-like part .

The third, Rose Hydrosol , that has not separated the rose oil from the rose water. 

Some manufacturers focus on refining rose essential oil, separating the oily substance during the distillation process, and the remaining water-like substance is used as rose water. This type of rose water has a low nutritional value because many of its active ingredients, like rose oil,  have been separated.

Our WHOLESALLA  carry the Rose Hydrosol  not been separated the rose oil. It is saturated rose water distilled from the rose in a 1:1 ratio, that is, 100 pounds of roses are distilled into 100 pounds of hydrosol.

Our rose hydrosol is rich in various water and oily substances.

 100% Rose Hydrosol is already in a saturated state, and no more essential oils can be added. Once added, it will form a state of separation of oil and water.

In China, there are four main producing areas for roses, PINYIN, GANSU, SICHUAN, XINJIANG. 

We use PINYIN roses, which are edible roses, used to make high quality hydrosol and  tea, with the highest quality, and are exported to Japan, Europe and North America.

Our goal is to bring the highest quality products to the world.

Quality is our number one priority.

With our excellent team of people, proficient in raw materials and processing technology, and more than 20 years of experience in dealing with many different industry and manufacturers, we can choose the best quality from thousands of raw materials and suppliers and products.

One of our partners, Ms. Anna, received a bachelor's degree in food chemistry and engineering at university and is proficient in various chemical substances and production processes.


We only choose the highest quality rose plantations and the highest quality manufacturing environment.  Why? 

1. Pure natural, healthier

The first saturated pure dew is 100% aromatic plant distilled liquid, the ingredients are natural and pure, without any other additives, the fragrance is light and pleasant, nourishing and moisturizing, natural skin-friendly, it is a pure natural skin moisturizing factor

2. Small molecule, more hydrating

The first saturated dew, distilled in a ratio of 1:1, has the characteristics of high concentration, high purity, and small molecules. Small molecules can penetrate deep into the dermis to achieve a deep hydrating effect.

3. Good curative effect

Because the first Saturated Pure dew is the most organic and gentle, and the skin care effect is the best. The first Saturated Pure dew is rich in aromatic factors, which can penetrate deeper into the skin to nourish the skin, improve dull skin, and make the skin become It has a healthier glow and can also improve various skin problems such as acne, acne, and pigmentation.


4. Adjust acid and base

The pH value of the first Saturated Pure dew is between 2.9 and 6.5, most of which are around pH 5. The pH value is acidic and this feature is very close to the pH value of our skin, so it is particularly gentle to use, and will not feel irritation or discomfort. The saturated dew can maintain the skin's acid-base balance, improve the skin's microenvironment, and awaken the skin's self-repair ability.

5. Antioxidant, younger

Pure dew is not only rich in vitamins, glucose, fructose, citric acid, malic acid, etc., nutrients that are beneficial to human health. It also has an excellent antioxidant effect, so regular use of pure lotion also has the effect of delaying skin aging, and prohibits diminishing wrinkles and age spots.

The PINYIN roses we choose are edible varieties. We are cooperating with one of the largest rose tea manufacturer in China to develop rose tea products suitable for European and American tastes. And will launch new products in future.
The manufacturer we choose has the strict quality control and high-standard production environment.

We will launch high-quality flower tea, and skin care products with only the high quality Rose flower cell liquid and the 100% pure 1:1 flower hydrosol as the main ingredient.