0.05mm Light Blue Color Lash extension Tray

0.05mm Light Blue Color Lash extension Tray

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0.05mm Light Blue Color lash supplier 0.05mm Individual lash Extension Tray private label eyelash extensions supplies Manufacturer the best selling lash brands wholesale company YL Lash free samples 20mm 25mm colored eyelash extensions wholesale vendors USA colored lash extension trays wholesale distributor lash manufacturer private label

 0.05mm,  B/ C/ CC/ D/ DD /U  CURL AVAILABLE

  • Thickness / Diameter : 0.05 mm Light Blue Color Lash Tray

  • 12 Rows

  • Round Root Lashes

  • Tapered End with Natural Look

  • Extra Soft and Best Feeling and Look

  • Advanced hair styling technology. Double Heating,  Lasting and Durable Curl .

  • Single Length Lash Tray and Mixed Length tray

  • Curl Available:  B, C , C+  , D , D+  U,  J , L , LD

  • Lash Length:  From 5mm to 25mm

  • Line: 12 lines and 16 Lines

  • Thickness :  0.03mm,   0.05mm,  0.07mm  0.10mm  ,0.15mm


  • Y.L. Lash Manufacturer Wholesaler China Factory

  • Sales office and warehouse located in USA fast shipping

  • Lash extension private label service , start to create  your own lash brands line very easy

  • Special Order Usually take 3 weeks for custom build , if you can not find the products online , please email us to make special order.

  • If your retail order contained special order products, we may ship separately.

  • Custom Build Available. 

  • Mixed Length Tray Available

  • Private Label Available

  • We have several different lash material for you to choose , top quality Korean Cashmere Extra Matte Darkest Black Lashes supplier manufacturer , warehouse in USA

  • We have many different colors and shape boxes for you to choose, email us for more options and pictures


    What Products We Offer ?

    We cooperate with many famous lash brands.  we have almost all products related to lash extension, not limited to those listed here


    • Collection 1  :   Faux Mink Lashes

    • Collection 2  :   Cashmere Matte Black Lashes

    • Collection 3 :   Color Lashes

    • Collection 4  :   Blossom / Smart Fan / Easy Fan

    • Collection 5  :   Ellipse / Flat Lash

    • Collection 6  :   Camellia Mink

    • Collection 7  :   Pre-made Fans /  slim/ Sharp Root Premade Fans

    • Collection 8  :   Cluster Knot Free (Heat Bonded)

    • Collection 9  :   Cluster with Knot (Heat Bonded)


       Lash Adhesive:

      • Collection 1  :   SUPERSPEED  0.5 Second Dry Glue  (7 to 8 Weeks /Very Thin /Some Fume /Soft / Black Color/ not for sensitive skin

      • Collection 2  :   SUPERHERO  0.5 to 1 Second Fast Dry Glue  (Black Color and Clear Color ) 7 to 8 Weeks /Thin /Less Fume/ Soft

      • Collection 3  :  SUPERPOWER 0.5 to 1 Second Dry Extra Strong Glue  (Black Color and Clear Color ) 7 to 8 Weeks /No Fume/ Soft

      • Collection 4  :  SENSITIVE 1 Second Dry Glue (Black Color and Clear Color ) 3 to 4 Weeks /No Fume/ Soft


      Lash Cleanser: 

      High End Amino Acid Formula , wholesale price

       If you have any questions , please feel free to email us.

        All Our Products Private Label Available