Slim Root Volume Fans

Slim Root Medium Stem Wide Fans

0.03mm 0.05mm 0.07mm Pointed base Volume Fans

What are Slim root volume fans?

Professionally created volume fans, also known as slim root volume fans, are pre-made by an eyelash extension provider and shipped to the lash artist.

As with traditional or semi-permanent volume lashes, they are applied by adhering them to the natural lash.

Slim Root Medium Stem Wide Fans

0.03mm 0.05mm 0.07mm Pointed base Volume Fans

What are handmade volume fans?

Lash technicians who want to master the wrap-around method will benefit greatly from using volume lashes. To get the fan to wrap around the natural lash, you'll need to make very tiny motions with your tweezers. Handmade volume lashes are superior to synthetic ones in terms of retention because of the natural lash's many contact points. In order to become proficient at making volume fans by hand, you'll need a lot of time and practice. If you or your client have thin lashes, the 0.03 Volume Lashes are a great option for this method.

How Slim Root volume fans made?

Slim Root volume fans, like handcrafted volume lashes, are created by a human, with the help of a machine.

A Slim Root volume fans is used to hold a row of tiny PBT threads, which are subsequently glued together at their bases using heat or adhesive.

Threads will be wrapped into the appropriate curl when root adhesion is complete, and then heat-processed to keep the curl in place.

How handmade fans made?

There are two methods for making quick fan lashes that draw a lot of attention: the shimmy method and the sticky strip method. Once you learn the proper application methods, these products allow you to swiftly and easily build voluminous hair.

  • The lash bloom achieved with this tweezing-only method is quite stunning.
  • Grab as many or as few lashes as you like with the help of a volume tweezer.
  • Tweezers may be opened into a fan shape by pinching or shimmying them.
  • Just grab the lash strip, coat it in adhesive, and apply it.

Which Fans you should choose?

At wholesalla, we recommend both fans because they have their different works. Slim Root volume fans come in a variety of styles and materials to complement your desired appearance, whether it's full, fluffy lashes or a more defined eyeliner volume effect. Learn from our expert advice on which prefabricated lash fans to purchase.