L Curl 90-degree (or called M Curl Lashes) 16-rows

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Embellish your eyes look with M-Curl Lashes!

For straighter eyelashes, there is a need for something to glorify your face and beauty. As we know, the eye is a very important part of the face. Therefore, the make-up artist and makeup lover first and foremost focuses on eye makeup. There are many ways to embellish the eye look, eyelashes are one of them.  Eyelash can utterly change the face look from simple to glamorous. M Curl Lashes are too much in trend because it’s mainly used by makeup artists. Women always love to flock to the latest trend and fashion.

Know About - M Curl Lash 

M Curl lash conquers the women's heart because of its nice smooth transition. Its classic round root is very soft and durable. M-Lash’s versatility to suit every eye shape makes it more popular. The M- Curl lash comes in 0.05 mm thickness and is available in 12 rows. It gives natural look to your eyelash and creates a beautiful thrilling effect. But before using M Curl lash for perfect and flawless results some tips need to be known.

  1. Firstly find -It is suitable for what type of eye Shape? Mostly it is suitable for hooded eyelids, small eyes, deep-set eyes, and also for droopy eyes.
  2. To give perfect natural look use the lash extensions for placing M lashes.
  3. Always start with the inner corner for M Curl lash 
  4. If you wish to give a dense and dark look then use the narrow volume fans.
  5. If you want to mix it with other standard curls then B and C curls are good options.
  6. But before going for the mixing option check the direction of the growth of the natural lashes to get the amazing result of mixing 

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What about follow-up?

  • Your eyelashes should be kept clean.
  • For longer, keep them looking their best